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We got a phone call about transporting a twin comanche the other day. We just got our 35′ trailer and haven’t had the chance to get it all equipped to recover airplanes. But we decided that with the help of some forklifts we could get this moved for our client in a timely fashion.



So we prepped the trailer and got everything together to set out bright eyed and bushy tailed to St. Pete, FL.



The plane was already disassembled which made our job a lot easier.




The before picture 🙂



Since we didn’t have our winch or crane installed we used the gracious neighbor’s forklift.




The next job was to get the wings on board. We decided to put one on the end of the trailer and one of the wing rack.





After 3 hours, with lots of sweat from the 102 degree FL heat, we got the plane loaded and ready to go to Lakeland!



I think the worst part of the trip was the heat. Loading up the airplane wasn’t too bad and we met some nice people. 😉


Happy Flying Folks!



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