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It is with an extremely heavy heart that I must close my doors due to personal reasons.  I have tried everything possible to keep Fast Aviation going and it is not physically or emotionally possible anymore.  I feel that I have let everyone down. I let my employees down. I let my family down. I let the industry down. I let myself down.  Hell, I even let my dog down. But the person I let down the most is Ryder. I woke up every day to go kill it for Ryder.



When I first started selling parts on ebay when I was 15, I didn’t know what I was doing.  It took years and years to gain a vast amount of knowledge to be successful. My father was my biggest influence and impact on my life with my business.  He dragged me to the airport at every chance he could get. Everything I know, I learned from him. 


Fast forward to where I sit today typing this and all I can think about are all the people who got sweaty and dirty with me along the way.  Forever I am thankful for you.


My mother would take care of Ryder when I had to work after hours or when there were trips.  When Fast was ran out of my house south of the Sanford airport, people literally listed parts while sitting on my couch.  I still laugh when I think of the landlord wanting to evict me because I had too many airplanes sitting outside. Miss Kim watched Ryder in the house so I could still be around him and work.




Every single employee that dealt with my crazy ideas, listening to the Spice Girls or my other random playlists, and all the mud at the new location at Perch Road.  The ones who would stay after to help with inventory. Joshua, you made it to 4 years with me, wow. How did I not scare you away? Daniel, you could of worked anywhere, but you chose the junk yard in the swamp, always standing by me and getting stuff done. Ram, I will never forget the Chicken Department and thanks for sweaty your butt off in that shop every day. Everyone I ever hired made an impact on this business. They all tried to improve and we were always evolving. Thank you for all the memories.






Fast helped students going to A&P schools become better mechanics and it helped give new mechanics more experience.  We outfitted places like the Hangar Bar at Disney Springs, haunted houses at Halloween Horror nights, and made appearances in movies like Beast of Burden featuring Daniel Radcliffe.  I made it my job to get involved with high school programs around the country helping them with their new Aviation Technology programs because I truly believe that the future of aviation is in our youth.  We tried to keep airplanes flying by providing affordable and safe parts.



Starting today I will be selling all the inventory and whatever is here on property.  Everything on Ebay and HangarSwap is 50% off. Buy it, make me an offer, whatever. If you want to see what’s at the shop and on property, contact me directly.   Not everything is online and I have a huge list of inventory, along with photos of all the parts not in inventory. The sale will end on Friday October 5th.


HangarSwap–Seller: Fast Aviation

If you’re interested in the inventory, parts, etc. please call or email.

Office Line: 407-349-5488

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