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Fast Aviation loves to save airplanes, but aviation isn’t what life is all about.  (or is it?)  Most of you know that Hangar Swap was created by the Fast Aviation crew because we were SICK and TIRED of being abused on major websites such as eBay.  We are not the only one’s that sell on Hangar Swap now.  In fact, we have almost 100 sellers and over 500 customers! So it’s natural to us to do something good in the community.

October is the month of breast cancer awareness.  We want to help research and development for something like this because many of our friends and family have been effected by it-and other cancers!  We have started a fundraiser where for any purchase over $35 we will donate $3 and send you a free shirt!

Join us in making the world better.  Not just in our own aviation community, but all around us.  🙂




If you feel compelled to donate, you can go to our fundraiser account below.  Check it out!


Breast Cancer Research Foundation


Thank you and blue skies!


Rachel @ Fast Aviation

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