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Our friend Tony from Antique Air down in the Keys gave a call and said he had an airplane we needed to move and sell. So, like any good salvage company we loaded everything up, hooked up the trailer, and headed to the beautiful keys. Usually when people go to the Keys they are on vacation…seems like everytime we go we are working!

Antique Air

Just when you think this is going to be a somewhat easy job…as in “not too bad,” reality hits. We were in the Keys…WORKING…and it was 102 in the shade with NO wind.

First job: Tear down the Piper Arrow

photo 2 copy

photo 4 copy

I always get stuck with taking control surfaces off.

photo 5 copy

Here’s Matt helping me take the wing bolts out.

photo 1 copy 2
Matt and David taking out more wing bolts

photo 3 copy

These are a couple of “supervisors”

photo 2 copy 3

Ripping wings off!

photo 4 copy 3


Now after this photo it was hard to take more pictures because I was on top of an office, again sweating my butt off, bringing down two comanche fuselages. We had to use a pulley system and 5 people. It was crazy! Then it took all of us to load again-no pictures. But, here’s the end result!

photo 2 copy 5

photo 4 copy 4

Blood, Sweat, and Airplanes

Our friends at Oversea’s Aero Tours were hanging out that day!

photo 5 copy 3

photo 1 copy 6

photo 2 copy 6


Everytime we head out of the Keys, we stop at this restaurant on the water, Wahoo’s. They have GREAT seafood!!!

photo 3 copy 4
Taking up the road at Wahoo’s.

Goodbye Keys! Another day, another airplane!

photo 5 copy 4

photo 4 copy 6

photo 2 copy 4

Happy Flying Folks!


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  1. Nice story. I know about always have to work, while vacationers are having fun. But, it seems I’m not having fun if Im not working. Joy Doumis/
    Overseas Aero Tours

  2. At least you got to seepart of the Key’s. I made on trip to go diving in the mid-80’s and haven’t been back since. Always working and having fun. Just broke most of the time…

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