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King KWX50 Weather Radar System & K1241 Indicator Unit 066-3040-00


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KWX50 Weather Radar System & K1241 Indicator Unit 

P/N: 066-3040-00

Was working when removed, as-removed from the aircraft.  Includes connector. 

Appears to be in serviceable condition.

Please See Photos for more details.


—–Condition Description Details—–
These following terms and codes are used to refer to the condition qualities of our products and their serviceability.

  • New (NE):
    • Part is outright new from the manufacturer and usually comes with manufacturer’s tag/certificate, packaging, and has never been used or installed.
  • New Old Stock (NOS):
    • Part is new, but has been sitting as surplus or unused for some time. Part may or may not come with paperwork or traceability. These parts either have never been used, or installed but saw no significant use or may have shelf-wear.
  • Overhauled (OH):
    • Part has been inspected, tested and repaired by a repair station or maintenance facility and is considered in good, working condition. Part may come with certification or paperwork if available.
  • Serviceable (SV):
    • Part is, to the best of our knowledge, in good, working condition or in a useable condition that requires no major repair. Unless specified, part does not come with an official SERVICEABLE tag or certificate.
  • Working When Removed:
    • Part was in good, serviceable condition when installed on the aircraft and is presumed to still be serviceable unless otherwise specified.
  • As-Removed (AR):
    • Part is being sold in the condition it was removed from the aircraft, and has not been overhauled or repaired.
  • As-Is (AS):
    • Part is being sold as it is presented or photographed, with no guarantee, warranty or assurance that the part is functional, whole or complete, useable or the correct model or part number. Parts will come with no paperwork, certification or traceability unless otherwise specified. Parts may have internal, hidden or undiscovered damage, missing pieces, significant wear, damage or corrosion. Buyer purchases this item at their own risk and awareness of these facts.
  • Repairable (RP):
    • Part is currently non-functional or damaged, and will require inspection, overhaul or repair before use. May come with an official REPAIRABLE tag if specified.
  • Core / For Parts (CR / FP):
    • Parts are explicitly non-functional, damaged, or missing components and are not serviceable or are beyond economic repair. These parts are sold for overhaul or to be used as parts only.

—–Refund Policies—–
Returns must be requested within 14 days, and return shipping will be paid for by the buyer. Depending on the price of the part, a restocking fee may be applied to the total refund amount.

Returns may be accepted or considered for the following reasons:

  • Incorrect part number or model on listing.
  • Part was incorrectly described as New, New Old Stock, Overhauled or Serviceable.
  • Testing was agreed upon before hand and failed inspection, provided no repair attempts were made.
  • Buyer purchased incorrect part for their aircraft make/model.

Returns will not be accepted for the following reasons:

  • Part was described as As-Is, Repairable, Core / For Parts and is not functional or cannot be repaired.
  • Part was described as As-Is, Repairable, Core / For Parts and was missing components or parts.
  • Part was described as As-Is, Repairable, Core / For Parts and has damage not stated in listing.
  • Part did not come with paperwork or certification when none was mentioned in listing.
  • Part, no matter the condition, has been dismantled, opened, modified, repair attempted,has been damaged, marked, used or is otherwise not in the same condition as originally sold.

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