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New Press Release for Hangar Swap!

ORLANDO, FL – is building momentum at mach speeds. The online aviation marketplace recently reported almost three million hits and traffic is growing twofold monthly.  It’s a central location where anyone from average avgeeks to major salvage companies can sell their airplane parts. Now aircraft owners have a wide range of options and on average can save more than 50% off new prices.rachell

The vision of from day one is to create an aviator focused community where pilots, mechanics, and hobbyists come to find and discover anything you could imagine buying in general aviation.  Hangar Swap’s commitment to preserving aviation is showing by the numbers and the numbers keep rising to new flight levels.  “ I spent my entire childhood at the airport.” explains Rachel, founder of, “I remember my father going over to a buddies hangar and they would have a swap meet where Dad would offer him money or trade for something sitting on a shelf.  It was easier and cheaper to do that than call all around, pay for it (aka: send a check and wait a week) then wait for the part to arrive.  All along, hoping they bought a good, serviceable part.  I based off an old school notion of swapping parts at the hangar, with a modern platform.  We keep each other flying and keep the cost down low.” gives customers what they want – limitless selection, low prices, fast and reliable delivery, and a trusted and convenient online shopping experience. They are taking the major competitors like Barnstormers and Ebay by storm by offering what they can’t:

When Rachel was trying to figure out how to make selling simple, she brought on the person she thought would have the most impact, her mom.  “My mother can get frustrated with technology sometimes and as an ebay seller, I knew she would be the perfect test pilot.”  Rachel wanted to be simple to list items for anyone.  “We get calls from our sellers with questions such as shipping prices.  We give them honest suggestions because it’s important to me that we help our sellers become successful on  When you win, we all win!”

The online marketplace fills a void that provides an effortless way for aviators to find and purchase aircraft related goods as well as sell unneeded parts.  Hangar Swap was built by aviators, for aviators.  Rachel, who is a certified private pilot and the aircraft salvage company, Fast Aviation owner wants to “help people do what they love – flying.”  She started selling airplane parts on the internet at 15 to help pay for her own truck and extracurricular activities such as flying and riding dirtbikes. She hopes that providing an aviation specific marketplace with no buyer’s premiums and super low selling fees, her team can do their part to keep general aviation more obtainable and affordable.  “The only way Hangar Swap will grow is through your support, and so we are here to listen and more importantly take action on your suggestions”.  The support they have on the Fast Aviation’s Facebook is remarkable with over 12,500 likes!  She loves the community feel of the supporters she’s built and instills that into


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