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I’ve always been wingin’ it!

Since the Fast Aviation days, most of you know me for my hard work ethic, strive for excellence, and my love for this business. I am a part of a group of women who are entrepreneurs, CEO’s, managers, and all the things I’ve been thus far called CEO School. I am striving for more in my aviation career with HangarSwap and a special person named Suneera is helping guide not just me, but SO many other women in business. 

There were many things I needed to work on, that I have been learning about the past 3 years, but REALLY needed to dig deep. I found Suneera Madhani and she quickly became like a mentor to me – honestly, she was the breath of fresh air I needed! 

She opened my eyes to what it truly means to be the CEO of my business, and my life. She gave me honesty, vulnerability, and, most importantly, she gave me the playbooks to scale: so I could remove myself from the every day of my business, and identified the true needle-movers that took me to the next level. 

Because if you’re ready to scale, ready for that next level, you just don’t know how, Suneera is hosting a brand new online event to help you get there: the  CEO School Experience!   It’s happening May 16th-19th (and it’s completely free)

She is hosting a FREE workshop series called The CEO Experience in a couple of weeks. I want to share it with my aviation family in the event they have a woman in their lives who wants to make extra strides towards their business, side gig, position in their company, etc. 

Here are a few of the *invaluable* insights I learned from Suneera: 

She’s also running a live coaching session with the opportunity to be coached directly by Suneera herself – and, well, let’s just say if you have a hot seat session with Suneera: you won’t forget it and neither will your business 

I can never get too much of Suneera’s insights – so of course I’ll be there, just try and stop me!

And I’d love for you to join me there too, you can do so here: 

The CEO Experience

This is going to be a game-changer – I can’t wait to see you there!

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