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When someone tells me they can’t get a medical or don’t try to get one because they believe they won’t get it, I call them on it. Now, this is not the case with everyone but a lot of pilot’s are timid to try to get a medical after a health issue arises because once the FAA denies you, it becomes difficult to obtain it again.

I am the pilot that had open heart surgery and has a third class medical.  Now, the road to this wasn’t easy, but it was accomplished.  With the new third class medical reform, BasicMed, so many aviator’s will get the privilege to fly an aircraft without a third class medical.  I was on a special issuance for about 4 years before CAMI contacted me about the CACI program.  (It probably helped that I bugged them every year about how I had a clean bill of health by my cardiologist.) My mitral valve repair fell under one of the 16 conditions in the CACI program that allowed me to obtain a third class medical.

My friends at MzeroA have hit the nail on the head with everything you need to know about the medical reform.  Knowledge is power!

Now is an exciting time for aviation with the medical reform, light sports, and other options to fly.  I believe that the FAA has every intention to help us fly with BasicMed. But if you’re still hesitant that you won’t be able to meet the requirements for BasicMed, ask your AME about the CACI program.  If you can show that your issue can be controlled and you are taking necessary steps to be safe, you might be surprised what can be accomplished.  It was a long process for me, but I promise you, it was worth it.   

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