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Hey Guys!

The good news:  We have moved Fast Aviation!

The bad news:  Everything is a hot mess!

We didn’t move far but we are now at our permanent location in Geneva, FL.  We are located right next to the grass strip and seaplane base Cedar Knoll/Alligator Drink 0FL2.


**We do not have a taxi way over to the new hangar or office yet.  Please call ahead if you decide you want to fly in, it is a private strip.  You can always fly into to KSFB, Sanford.  Cedar knoll is 5 miles East of Sanford.**

Please bare with us during this move.  It takes time for the office and hangar to be established and we are doing our best to accommodate everyone with their airplane parts needs.  Currently, we have stuffed all of our inventory in a big hangar at the Sanford airport till our new one is finished at the property.  If you need to come pick up parts, dig through fuselages and control surfaces/wings you can come to our new location but PLEASE call ahead to Rachel at 407-496-7706 or David 321-356-7477.

Our office line is being ported and it takes up to 10 business days to do so.  We have forwarded everything to Rachel’s cell phone.  The internet is also hard to get out at the new location. (Go figure) and it will be a couple weeks for it to be finished (from what I am told.)  We are doing everything we can to keep up with phone calls and shipments.

Thank you for your patience and wonderful support.  We are so lucky to have such great customers like you guys.  Everyone has been watching the transformation happen on Facebook and we get some good laughs from the sarcastic comments! 😛


2775 PERCH RD.

GENEVA, FL 32732


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