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In 2004, it all started started from a 15 year old’s dream to buy a truck to haul her dirt bike around with. Jump forward to 2012 where Rachel Lietzke created Fast Aviation to provide an affordable way to keep aviation alive. Fast Aviation focuses on single and twin Cessna, Piper, and Beechcraft. But her biggest love is for Beechcraft. Fast specializes in early v-tail Bonanzas but also supports late models.

Aside from aircraft salvage and transport, Fast focuses on other endeavors. Rachel didn’t believe in the “s” word-aka-‘scrapping’. She wanted to do something different with the airplanes she parted out and the unserviceable parts she had left over. She started finding creative ways like providing parts for movies, theme parks, artists, and making educational aids for Part 147 schools. Rachel sits on multiple educational boards and is involved in the aviation community making sure that aviation continues to thrive.

Rachel is a third generation pilot and comes from a long line of aviators who eat, sleep, and breathe aviation. Her Grandfather, also a pilot, owned a Cessna dealership, flight school, and had an aircraft restoration business. Following in his footsteps, Rachel’s father became a pilot at 17, rebuilt his first airplane before the age of 20, along with achieving his A&P at the same time. Rachel grew up at the airport, helping at her father’s maintenance shop and easily caught the bug of aviation. 

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