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Everyone in the aviation world knows about Oshkosh and Sun N Fun.  All year long there are countdowns and months (even years) preparation for these events.  I have customers that are building their planes to be brought to certain years at Sun N Fun and Oshkosh.


While being a Florida native, it was only customary for me to be going to SnF every single year since I was a wee little hangar brat.  My parents went to OK and SnF before I was born and kept the tradition going.


I am still surprised by the amount of aviators and enthusiasts who HAVEN’T stepped foot on KLAL (Sun N Fun’s Airport-Lakeland).  Most families plan trips to go skiing and to the beach, but this family plans trips to airshows! Haha!


We use to camp with our planes, but found it easier and less wet/hot to just drag a bunch of campers over.


And as some of you already know, the Blue Angels are back this year! YES!!!!



Another thing we love is when it’s time for everyone to start departing we sit at the fence and watch people leaving-all while drinking an ice cold adult beverage-preferably in a koozie of choice.


Make sure you stay Saturday night for the Night Show! It is AWESOME!! Not only do I love love love watch Mike Younkin in his Beech 18 do the Elephant Waltz but I LOVE watching him fly in the Night Show.  This is something you DON’T want to miss! Trust me!




And last but not least, don’t forget the Splash-In over at Fantasy of Flight.



Even if you just come over for the day, you gotta experience Sun N Fun.  And for those of you that are returning, hope to see ya there!  Come up and say hi!  😀

Safe Flyin’



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  1. I wish there was a chance to make it this year but work & selling a house have us throttled back. I want so bad to fly my L-5 Stinson down there!!! Maybe next year! you guys have fun!!!

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