It’s a New Year For Fast Aviation

A new beginning for a new year!  2015 was a very crazy year for business and for our personal lives.  Not long after being booted off Ebay in August of 2014, we were preparing for the big 2015 move of the business and into our new house.


The 10 acre parcel next to Cedar Knoll in Geneva went from a large forest to a full functioning salvage yard, aircraft storage, office, and tear down facility.



Every nut and bolt was installed by someone here.  We worked every single weekend and after work to get this hangar assembled. Countless hours, hard work, and dedication was put into the new Fast Aviation facility.  We are eternally grateful to Rachel’s parents, all of our friends, employees, and anyone else that helped with building the hangar, clearing the land, and putting up the office.  We still have lots to go, but with baby steps we will get there.



Here is the hangar up and the property around.

FullSizeRender 5

FullSizeRender 4

FullSizeRender 3

Here is an aerial shot of the compound.  We have plenty of room for airplanes and more airplanes!


Hangar Swap made some GREAT head way in 2015.  Shown below are the rise of activy on the site.  We switched to a new server in March due to being overloaded with traffic.  The numbers collected from the previous server and this one came to a whopping 4 million hits!  Hangar Swap is booming and we get a new seller about every other day currently.  Fast and other sellers are constantly selling parts and so far so good.  We have made some changes to make Hangar Swap easier to navigate and sell thanks to wonderful feedback from our buyers and sellers!  We want Hangar Swap to be what YOU want.  It’s hard to compete with eBay.  There’s no way around it but we hope that sellers start to realize how much more money they are wasting on eBay and start to switch to Hangar Swap.  There are so many reason why you should be on Hangar Swap but I don’t need to go through them.  In time, Hangar Swap WILL be the place to go! For Aviators-By Aviators!Numbers

So cheers to a new year and to the AMAZING new opportunities happening this year!  Below is a little insight on what might be arriving at Fast Aviation.  We love all airplanes, big and small, old and new.IMG_8419


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