Where ya going? Crazy! Wanna come?

Some people think what we’re doing is cool and some think we’re weird or nuts.  Whatever your side is, I thought it would be interesting to document our adventures.

A little background on this whole aircraft salvage business…back when I was in high school I wanted a truck as my first vehicle.  So my dad said he would help me get what I “wanted” but I had to earn the money to buy it at an auction.  Ebay was out for a couple years and I was 14 with pretty good computer skills.  I was a marketer at heart, being that kid that would go door to door during a magazine fundraiser contest at school.  I saw all my dads airplane parts laying around and asked him if I could sell them on ebay. He said yes and we did a commission based system.

ebay 2001<< 15 Year old me at the computer working away!

The year went on and some of my dads friends, our family, and neighbors asked me to sell their unwanted stuff.  So thats where my consigning started.  I saved up enough cash to buy my truck, learn how to do body work/painting, and had enough funds to rebuild it from the ground up.  That truck then helped me “collect” more goodies to sell throughout high school.  I paid for my fuel and expenses throughout high school selling airplane parts online until I went to college.

racheltruck2<<The first white chevy silverado I got.


I took a break throughout college and did a little bit on the side while doing modeling/acting and marketing for companies like Mini Cooper, Speed Channel, WalMart, and Bruster’s Real Ice Cream, all while bartending.  (Jack of all trades…I know)



I met my future husband and he was pretty much doing the same thing I was doing for years but with old Volkswagens.  (another really fun hobby of ours)  We both went to school for a “better” career, firefighting for him and ATC for me but after a couple years of both of us trying to get hired with no light in sight we decided to go with plan B, or C, or D…whatever you want to call it-sell dirty aircraft parts. (I am still activily pursuing ATC)



So there you have it.  We run around like chickens with our heads cut off most of the time.  Like all businesses starting out, we pretty much work 24/7.  One day it will all pay off. Till then, YOLO!  You Only Live Once!  Work hard and enjoy life my friends, you never know when it will all be gone.





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