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Came across this…Photography and Aviation Related

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I couldn’t resist but to share this photographer with you all.  The pictures that drew me to him were these:       Check out his work. www.kerstenbeck.com If anyone has any other suggestions or submissions of their own artwork, I’d like to compile a calendar for 2014 of them!  Send them to fastaviationfl@gmail.com   *please note that these photos are property of www.kerstenbeck.com*

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Aviation Photography

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Aviation photography has been around since the late 1800’s.  It first started with balloons and then either on the ground or in the air it took flight.  People make a living off of “aviation art.”  It’s one of my favorite areas of the art world.  I love everything from sculptures to photography.  Photography is by far my favorite though.  An airplane doesn’t have to move, primp, or smile to be beautiful.  It simply just is.   I have been in […]

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