Press Release: Fast Aviation Makes a Move to Create a Stronger Aviation Force

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Fast Aviation Makes a Move to Create a Stronger Aviation Force


DECEMBER 3, 2018

SANFORD, FL – In September, the aviation community heard some terrible news: Fast Aviation was closing its doors.  Fast Aviation has been one of the leaders in the aviation parts and transport industry. Their focus was not just on selling quality, hard to find aircraft parts but to utilize the leftover fuselages and unairworthy parts for out of the box opportunities such A&P schools, movies, TV shows, and theme parks.

Recently, the company decided to emerge from it’s hard decision with a purpose again: to join a force that not only allowed Fast to continue to bring it’s valuable expertise to the table, but gain a whole new family, Propellerhead Aviation.  Both owners, Rachel Lietzke and Bill Boege felt that joining forces would create a solid company that could offer something the community had never seen before. “I felt that we both soared with our companies individually, but if we could put our passions together, we could spread our wings even wider.” says Rachel regarding the decision to join with Propellerhead Aviation.

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 6.32.14 PM

Propellerhead Aviation, previously from Winter Haven, FL-now calls it’s home Sanford [KSFB], provides quality aircraft maintenance and flight training with a twist.  Propellerhead is one of the only schools in the United States that offers accelerated flight training where you can obtain your private pilot’s license in as little as two weeks.  Propellerhead also provides services such as pre-purchase inspections, ferry services, fuel tank resealing and bladder installs, and more.

For more information:

Propellerhead Aviation

4131 Centerline Lane

Sanford, FL 32773



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