Opening the Crate of Awesomeness!

By far, one of the COOLEST crates that have ever arrived at our shop showed up the other day.  Instead of telling you what was under the amazing piece of wood, I’ll show you.



I’ll give you a hint:  BEECHCRAFT



This box hasn’t been open, ever!  We were the first ones to open it since it was assembled.




ooooooOOOOOOOOO What’s in there??????

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a set of NOS B200 Blades for the electric prop setup on early Beechcraft Bonanza’s.  Around the first 2,000 came with these blades.  (I have the exact number in my IPC but its not near me at the moment)  They are wooden blades that are laminated.  Just a really neat piece of history.  🙂







Look at that beauty!!  Some people might not think this is the coolest thing ever, but as an Avgeek and Beech nut, this is something that you never, ever find. Ever. I find it so amazing to just be able to put my greasy pawprints on them.  🙂  I know all my Beechcraft fans out there will love this.


Safe Flying!

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  1. Ronald "Gene" Bohman says:

    Hey I was as excited seeing the prop you sent me for my “52 Bonanza…

  2. Chris McClernon says:

    I was just as excited to get mine from Anthony! Very cool indeed. If this makes me a geek I want to be the biggest geek ever!

  3. fastaviation says:

    Av geeks are the best!!! 😀

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