June 5th 2017 Press Release: New Version of HangarSwap is LIVE!



JUNE 5, 2017

ORLANDO, FL – The new version of HangarSwap is LIVE!  The past 9 months HangarSwap has been breaking ground in traffic with over 10,000 unique visitors each month. The timing is perfect for the endless growth on the newest online marketplace in the industry.  “We’re fully prepared to take on this corner of the market.” explains Rachel Lietzke Payne, creator of HangarSwap.com. For just little over two years that HangarSwap has been around, it has taught Payne what she needed to know to implement her ultimate goal: the launch of the new HangarSwap platform.

HangarSwap debuted the new platform at Sun N Fun in Lakeland, FL back in April.  The team demonstrated how the site will perform after the migration.  With over 2,000 customers and reaching 300 sellers, Payne has learned a plethora of knowledge to add to her endless notebook of goals for HangarSwap.  Not only has HangarSwap took a major face lift, but this new systems gives the sellers and buyers exactly what they’ve been asking for.


  • HangarSwap is now completely mobile friendly.  You can buy, sell, and work on your inventory from your phone or tablet.

Excel Doc Upload

  • Sellers can now upload their entire inventory from excel documents.  All parts stay “inactive” until the seller chooses to make them “active.” Potential buyers can still search the inactive items in the HangarSwap search and contact the seller through the Parts Radar System.  Once uploaded, you can edit your inventory from anywhere.

Parts Radar System

  • The Parts Radar system allows the seller to sell their “inactive” items to anyone searching for that particular part on HangarSwap.  Potential buyers can also put in a parts request that will go to a database for all sellers who participate in the Parts Radar system.  This function establishes an easier search for schools, FBO’s, and other large industry leaders all in one place for a fraction of the cost compared to other parts locator systems.

Services & Wanted Section

  • Utilizing a classifieds approach, HangarSwap has made it easy to advertise for your services or find someone in the industry for your specific task.
  • When a potential buyer can’t find what they need, they can post a wanted ad.

Ebay Sync (Available mid summer)

  • The number one request from sellers was the ability to integrate their Ebay store.  Anyone who sells on Ebay can have their store synced to HangarSwap.  The system also ensures that you won’t sell a part on HangarSwap twice with their integrated system.

Other Features

  • “Previously sold” research: Seller’s can research how much past items have sold for and determine the best price for their item. (available mid summer)
  • Communication between buyers and sellers has been improved with a whole new in-system mail and the ability to have comments on item listings.
  • Seller dashboard:  The dashboard shows more features to help aid the seller with orders, communication, shipping, statistics, and research.

HangarSwap provides the industry with over 7,000 parts (and growing) from over 300 different sellers from around the world.  Sellers can list easily, communicate openly, and search in a clean environment.  At 5%, HangarSwap is half the commission cost of other online marketplaces, with a cap for larger priced items.  “It’s important to me that we provide a lower commission fee so that fellow aviator’s have extra cash to go flying,” says Payne.  HangarSwap is also free to list as many items as you want, never having a time limit.

When HangarSwap was launched, not many people knew it existed.  But because of Payne’s relentless marketing and drive to make HangarSwap known, it has grown at an astronomical speed.  The online marketplace made its official debut at SUN ‘n FUN in 2016.  Since it’s debut, daily numbers have doubled and officially tripled in November of 2016, making it’s growth rate over 100% in less than a year.  The online marketplace projected to double it’s hits before Sun N Fun this year, but now has exceeded that expectation with reaching 1 million hits each month after the new year.  

To learn more:


Rachel Lietzke Payne

2775 Perch Rd.

Geneva, FL 32732

C: 407-496-7706

O: 407-349-9790

E: Rachel@hangarswap.com

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