We are hiring for TWO positions.  If you are interested please send an email telling us about yourself and include your resume.


Mechanic-A&P or working on certification

*Job Description: We’re looking for a mechanic-preferably certified but will consider non if qualifications are met. We mainly tear aircraft down-not put them back together.
Qualifications: *Knowledgable of small piston powered aircraft. Singles and twins. Cessna, Piper, and Beechcraft. Tricycle and taildraggers.
*MUST have experience with tools and working/tinkering with aircraft.
NOTE: You do not have to have your own tools, but it is a plus.
*Paint/Prep/Zinc a plus
*Drilling rivets
*Not scared to get dirty
*Parts identification
*Self Motivated
*Able to take direction
*Familiar with using a sand blasting cabinet, mineral spirits tank, and other machinery.
*Dependable vehicle
*Likes Sonny’s BBQ (Just kidding, kind of)

Fast Aviation ( is an aircraft salvage yard that rescues airplanes, dismantles aircraft that are not able to be a project, and runs an online business of selling airplane parts. We are always doing something different and are here to make aviation better. If you think you’re as crazy as we are then you might fit!

NOTE: if you already have a job and are looking for part time or need an internship for school, we offer that too.

Office Assistant-Must have aviation knowledge
Fast Aviation ( is a small aircraft salvage yard in Geneva, FL. We are currently looking for someone part time or potentially full time to be an office assistant.

You will be answering phones, taking parts requests, inputting invoice data into a computer, keep track of worker’s time, voicemails, shipping parts, updating tracking information, and other random duties.

We are really wanting someone that is familiar with aviation. At least know the basics or has the willingness to learn about small GA. (If you don’t know what GA means then it’s probably not the best fit for you. no offense-just don’t want to waste anyones time)




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  1. Alissa Quick says:

    Are y’all still looking to fill the mechanic spot?

  2. Don Kelly says:

    Are you guys still looking for a mechanic?

  3. Mark Young says:

    Hi Rachel and David,
    If you need panels removed from a fusealage, let me know, I can come up with the small trailer, or you can drop off work at the shop, on Mercy drive. Have you found my tail main landing gear yet?

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