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E2: Are You a Boss or a Leader? [and the removal of a carb heat cable]

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I get asked all the time about what it’s like to be a boss. I joke around that I’m the “Boss Lady” but truly, I’m the leader.  I like to call it the plow horse-first one to lead her horses down the line! It was my job on this day to go out in the yard and handle what needed to be handled.  So I took advantage of the situation and decided to talk about being a leader while digging […]

Intro Part Two: Inspirations That Pushed a Heart Disease Survivor to Start a Vlog

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In Intro Part Two, I spoke about Gwen Stefani and Barbara Corcoran.  I have attached the article links to an excerpt of what I read.  I also attached an article from when I had open heart surgery.  If anyone is facing open heart surgery, I highly suggest Dr. Accola in Orlando. YouTube Episode Gwen Stefani Barbara Corcoran Rachel’s Open Heart Surgery Story

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Episode 1: First, Let Me Introduce Myself

I officially launched my Youtube Channel, Aircraft Salvage Queen.  My introduction video is up and just as any introductory video, it’s random, awkward, and ends with bloopers! If you’re a dachshund lover, I must warn you, my fat sausage dog, Dewey, is in it! Aircraft Salvage Queen Channel

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You will find show notes, templates, and other valuable information on this page from Rachel’s personal YouTube channel, Aircraft Salvage Queen.  The vlog is based on more of a personal level in regards to her journey as a entrepreneur and struggles she faces in day to day life. If you have not subscribed, do it! You can follow Rachel on the rollercoaster of being a 28 year old young woman, owning a business in a male dominated industry, home life, pilot […]


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