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How To’s with Rachel: Testing an Electric Motor

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It has come to my attention that not everyone knows how to check an electric motor. I know there are many ways to check a motor, but this is how I do it. Always have adult supervision when performing tests. Someone needs to have it recorded so we can make fun of you later. Note: No Weiner dogs , Duane, or blonde girls were hurt in the making of this video. Check out the video here: How To’s with Rachel: […]

When the Boss is Away, the Employees Will Play

Usually, my employees are on the ball and I don’t have to be on them too much.  But, sometimes they blow me out of the water, literally. One thing I have learned from having employees over the years is that it’s good to have some fun every once in a while.  It’s seems to be a pattern of everyone plotting to make me crap my pants (or a heart attack, whatever one comes first.) We have nerf gun wars on the […]

E2: Are You a Boss or a Leader? [and the removal of a carb heat cable]

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I get asked all the time about what it’s like to be a boss. I joke around that I’m the “Boss Lady” but truly, I’m the leader.  I like to call it the plow horse-first one to lead her horses down the line! It was my job on this day to go out in the yard and handle what needed to be handled.  So I took advantage of the situation and decided to talk about being a leader while digging […]

Intro Part Two: Inspirations That Pushed a Heart Disease Survivor to Start a Vlog

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In Intro Part Two, I spoke about Gwen Stefani and Barbara Corcoran.  I have attached the article links to an excerpt of what I read.  I also attached an article from when I had open heart surgery.  If anyone is facing open heart surgery, I highly suggest Dr. Accola in Orlando. YouTube Episode Gwen Stefani Barbara Corcoran Rachel’s Open Heart Surgery Story

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Episode 1: First, Let Me Introduce Myself

I officially launched my Youtube Channel, Aircraft Salvage Queen.  My introduction video is up and just as any introductory video, it’s random, awkward, and ends with bloopers! If you’re a dachshund lover, I must warn you, my fat sausage dog, Dewey, is in it! Aircraft Salvage Queen Channel

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You will find show notes, templates, and other valuable information on this page from Rachel’s personal YouTube channel, Aircraft Salvage Queen.  The vlog is based on more of a personal level in regards to her journey as a entrepreneur and struggles she faces in day to day life. If you have not subscribed, do it! You can follow Rachel on the rollercoaster of being a 28 year old young woman, owning a business in a male dominated industry, home life, pilot […]

Exciting Opportunities at Our Partner Company

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Great things are happening at! Hangar Swap has partnered up with fellow aviators to bring to you the most exposure for your parts. Every month, Hangar Swap is powering the new Aviators Hotline Marketplace and the founder of HS, Rachel Lietzke Payne, gives a write up on her recent aviation adventures. The opportunity is for Hangar Swap sellers and the items they have listed.  Every month, sellers can have the opportunity to showcase their parts in print, maximizing […]

I Am The Product of Blood, Sweat, and 5606.

When I was a little girl, my father brought me to the airport on a daily basis. I can’t recall a time that I wasn’t at the airport (other than ballet lessons.)  Before I was 12 or 13 I didn’t mind it much, in fact, I really enjoyed being at the airport.  But after I hit the teenage years, my interest faded because all my friends were going to the beach while I was performing annuals and 100 hours at […]

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Why the aviation industry is in a downward spiral.

What am I going to do with all these aircraft parts lying around?  Where do you sell airplane parts?  Where do you buy airplane parts?  What is this worth? By Rachel Payne, Owner of Fast Aviation These are the commonly asked question I get as an aircraft salvage business owner. In fact, it is the first words out of someone’s mouth almost 75% of the time! (Other than ‘Do you have a sister?’) In all actuality, these are very important […]

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Education is Important for the Future of Aviation

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Here at Fast Aviation we believe in the future of aviation.  Whether it’s saving airplanes or promoting education, the future of aviation is at stake and there’s no going around it.  Here is one of our schools that we decked out with parts.  Check it out! George Stone Technical Center for Aviation

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